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Irish authors Joyce, Yeats, Beckett and O’Casey have created a literary reputation in Ireland unsurpassed by any other country of the same size and have created an environment both conducive and challenging to modern day Irish writers.

Yeats urged his successors:

            “Irish poets, learn your trade,
             sing whatever is well made,     
             scorn the sort now growing up
             all out of shape from toe to top.”

and Heaney, Muldoon, Banville and McGahern  have responded.

Interest in Irish literature increases year on year and Irishbooks.eu.com exists to satisfy that curiosity by offering a wide range of second hand books on-line as well as offering current offerings from Irish publishers and Irish writers.  Irishbooks.eu.com also offer a search facility for out of print and rare books.

We hope we can assist you, whether academic or consumer, in your search for your Irish book.

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Yeats Statue Sligo

The Pentateuch, or Book Of Moses
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The Pentateuch, Book of Moses
The Pentateuch, Book of Moses
The Pentateuch, Book of Moses
Printed in London in 1819  for the British Bible Society at the Apollo Press using Fry Irish type by J. Johnson, Printer, under the supervision of Thaddeus Connellen. Connellan was to later claim support for this venture  from King George the Fourth

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